Nox A1 PSG Monitor

The NOX A1 PSG system is a full, portable polysomnography system that greatly simplifies the task of performing a sleep study while delivering more secure and precise measurements than ever before.

Innovations in a number of key areas such as ergonomics, robustness, scalability, flexibility and new technology are combined to create the next generation of PSG systems.

Nox A1

Unique Ergonomics Unmatched Simplicity

The unique ergonomics that were introduced with the A1 head cable increase study robustness and save time during hook-up.
The patients feel more comfortable and sleep better.

Increased Robustness and Supreme Signal Quality

The extremely high sampling rate of 256 kHz, continuous impedance control, and automatic reference adjustment all build a foundation for minimizing lost studies due to electrodes falling off or unsatisfactory signal quality.

Wireless Sensors Unlimited Possibilities

The Nox T3 System uses Bluetooth® technology to create a wireless body area network to maximize patient comfort. This saves time during patient hook-up, increases patient comfort, and saves cleaning cost.

Tablet Application Mobile Flexibility

Use the Noxturnal tablet app to set up recorders, perform bio-calibration and impedance checks next to the patient. This Android app introduces new flexibility which increases comfort for technicians and patients.

Powerful Software Easy to Use and Flexible

The Noxturnal software system unleashes the full potential of the solution. Offering automatic analysis, scoring, and reporting the system was designed with ease of use in mind. The Noxturnal software system includes a powerful reporting framework which adds to the flexibility of the solution.


  • Small and lightweight PSG recorder
  • Easy setup enabling home sleep testing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Unique ergonomics
  • Integrated ambient light sensor
  • Continous impedance control
  • Automatic reference adjustment
  • Ensured signal synchrony
  • 256 kHz sampling rate for advanced anti-aliasing and noise reduction
  • 32 bit signal processing
  • Powerline noise effect eliminated
  • 10 unipolar inputs for EOG and EEG
  • 3 unipolar EMG submental inputs
  • 4 configurable bipolar inputs (Thermistor, ECG, EMG, multi-channel GSR and more)
  • Audio from built-in microphone
  • Pressure from nasal cannula and mask
  • Built-in 3D accelerometer
  • 2 channels of respiratory effort from RIP belts
  • Pulse, SpO2, and Plethysmography from a wireless oximeter
  • Bluetooth® interface with various external devices
  • Standard disposable or rechargeable batteries (AA)
  • Extended AASM standard PSG recording
  • Immediate recording results with automatic analysis
  • Calibrated RIP technology
  • Flow Volume loops
  • New Pleth waveform analysis
  • Customizable workspace layout
  • Centralized settings for multi-user environments
  • Microsoft Word™ like customizable reports
  • Easy to create custom analysis parameters and statistics
  • Single click scoring
  • Audio playback

Nox T3 Sleep Monitor

The NOX T3 portable respiratory sleep monitor has quickly earned an excellent reputation with thousands of devices in use worldwide.

The Nox T3 has become the preferred choice of the largest home sleep testing companies.

Nox T3

Wireless Sensors Unlimited Possibilities

The Nox T3 System uses Bluetooth® technology to create a wireless body area network to maximize patient comfort. This saves time during patient hook-up, increases patient comfort, and saves cleaning cost.

Audio Playback Giving New Insights

The Nox T3 has a built-in microphone, capable of recording high quality sound. This feature gives clinicians the ability to play the audio along with the other recorded signals, thereby giving new insights into sleep medicine.

Simplified setup Fast and easy hookup

  1. Fasten the Nox Device to the shirt
  2. Attach the thorax belt to the device
  3. Attach the abdomen cable to the device
  4. Attach the abdomen belt to the abdomen cable
  5. Hookup the Oximeter
  6. Put on the Nasal Cannula


  • Wireless Bluetooth® oximetry
  • Miniaturized technology
  • 88g/79x63x21mm with battery
  • Thorax & Abdomen RIP Effort + RIP Flow + RIP Phase for paradoxical breathing
  • Integrated snore microphone with a true audio signal
  • Gold standard PSG signals
  • Check waveforms real-time
  • No accessible connectors/Child safety battery door
  • Full featured Type 3 device with Type 4 size and simpleness
  • Flow signal through RIP effort and/or nasal cannula
  • CPAP check
  • Wireless signals: SpO2, Pulse, Snore
  • Body position
  • Off-the-shelf disposable or rechargeable batteries (AA)
  • Includes analysis and reporting software
  • Extended applicability: pediatric, dental, and ENT patients
  • Simple patient hook-up and patient ID entry
  • Fast data download
  • Auto signal and report processing
  • Immediate study results
  • Extensive review possibilities
  • Configurable data management
  • Multi-night recordings

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